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Type annotations builder for boto3-stubs project. Compatible with VSCode, PyCharm, Emacs, Sublime Text, mypy, pyright and other tools.

See how it helps to find and fix potential bugs:

boto3-stubs demo

Do you want more? Check the documentation and use boto3 like a pro!

Full mypy-boto3-builder project documentation can be found in Modules

Using boto3-stubs

Check boto3-stubs project for installation and usage instructions.

If you use VSCode, add AWS Boto3 extension to your VSCode and run AWS boto3: Quick Start command.

If not, just install boto3-stubs with pip:

python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs[all]'

# Lite version does not provide session.client/resource overloads
# it is more RAM-friendly, but requires explicit type annotations
python -m pip install 'boto3-stubs-lite[all]'

# If you use aiobotocore, use asynchronous version
python -m pip install 'types-aiobotocore[all]'
python -m pip install 'types-aiobotocore-lite[all]'

# do not forget to install mypy or pyright

And you should already have code completion and type checking in your IDE! You can stop reading now.

THe rest of this document is about building boto3-stubs manually. For example, if you want to use the latest features for an older boto3 version.

How to build type annotations


# Install preferred version of `boto3`
python -m pip install boto3==1.16.25 botocore==1.19.25

# Install `mypy-boto3-builder`
python -m pip install mypy-boto3-builder

# Build all packages in mypy_boto3_output directory
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output

# Or specify required services explicitly
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output -s ec2 s3

# Install custom `boto3-stubs` packages
cd mypy_boto3_output
python -m pip install -e ./mypy_boto3_ec2_package
python -m pip install -e ./mypy_boto3_s3_package
python -m pip install -e ./boto3_stubs_package

With Docker image

  • Install Docker
  • Pull latest mypy_boto3_builder version and tag it
docker pull
docker tag mypy_boto3_builder
  • Generate stubs in output directory
mkdir output

# generate stubs for all services
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder_stable

# generate stubs for s3 service
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder_stable -s s3

# generate stubs for a specific boto3 version
docker run -e BOTO3_VERSION=1.16.25 BOTOCORE_VERSION=1.19.25 -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder_stable
  • Install packages from output directory as described above


  • Install Python 3.10+, ideally with pyenv
  • Install poetry: pip install poetry
  • Install dependencies: poetry install
  • Use scripts for repo to check if everything works: ./scripts/
  • Run manual pre-commit: ./scripts/


mypy_boto3_builder version is not related to boto3 version and follows PEP 440.

Latest changes

Full changelog can be found in Releases.

Thank you