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Type annotations builder for boto3-stubs project. Compatible with VSCode, PyCharm, Emacs, Sublime Text, mypy, pyright and other tools.

See how it helps to find and fix potential bugs:

boto3-stubs demo

Do you want more? Check the documentation and use boto3 like a pro!

Full mypy-boto3-builder project documentation can be found in Modules

Using boto3-stubs

Check boto3-stubs project for installation and usage instructions.

If you use up-to-date boto3 version, just install corresponding boto3-stubs and start using code auto-complete and mypy validation. You can find instructions on boto3-stubs page.

This page is only for building type annotations manually. For example, if you want to use the latest features for an older boto3 version.

How to build type annotations


# Install preferred version of `boto3`
python -m pip install boto3==1.16.25 botocore==1.19.25

# Install `mypy-boto3-builder`
python -m pip install mypy-boto3-builder

# Build all packages in mypy_boto3_output directory
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output

# Or specify required services explicitly
python -m mypy_boto3_builder mypy_boto3_output -s ec2 s3

# Install custom `boto3-stubs` packages
cd mypy_boto3_output
pip install mypy_boto3_ec2_package
pip install mypy_boto3_s3_package
pip install boto3_stubs_package

With Docker image

  • Install Docker
  • Pull latest mypy_boto3_builder version and tag it
docker pull
docker tag mypy_boto3_builder
  • Generate stubs in output directory
mkdir output

# generate stubs for all services
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder

# generate stubs for s3 service
docker run -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder -s s3

# generate stubs for a specific boto3 version
docker run -e BOTO3_VERSION=1.16.25 BOTOCORE_VERSION=1.19.25 -v `pwd`/output:/output -ti mypy_boto3_builder
  • Install packages from output directory as described above

Known issues

PyCharm consumes too much CPU

PyCharm does not handle Literal overloads properly, so the only way to reduce CPU usage is to generate overloads only for services you use

# got to your project folder, activate venv

# install boto3-stubs as usual with services you need
pip install 'boto3-stubs[s3,ec2]'

# install mypy_boto3_builder
pip install mypy_boto3_builder

# generate boto3 stubs only with services in use, s3 and ec2 in this case
# stubs should be generated in <project_root>/typings/boto3
python -m mypy_boto3_builder --installed --skip-services typings -d -s s3 ec2

Add <project_root>/typings folder to your Interpreter Paths

Autocomplete should work now and do not stress your CPU. Still, try to avoid generation for 6 or more services, as it is still stressful for PyCharm. In this case, generate boto3-stubs for a couple of services and use explicit type annotations for the rest.

Since stubs are stored in your project root, you do not need to re-generate them after update.


mypy_boto3_builder version is not related to boto3 version and follows PEP 440.

Latest changes

Full changelog can be found in Releases.

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